Egg laying is on the agenda…and we lose a chicken.

Sadness...5 remain.

Sadness…5 remain.

She's the queen of the world....:)

She’s the queen of the world….:)

I know it has been a long time but we lost one of the Plymouth Barred Rocks. What bothers us is that we don’t know how it happened. We forgot to close the door on the coop one night, and the next day she was gone. No pile of feathers, no blood, no struggle just 5 left. We double checked the chain link fence and found one small area where if the chicken really wanted to squeeze out it possibly could have. I still think it was way too small but I closed off the hole and we have never forgot to shut the coop door again. In any case they are 15 weeks and we have shifted to egg layer feed and 10% scratch. Hopefully by the end of August we will see our first eggs. The 2 largest have well developed wattles and combs they are turning a deep red, which is the sign they will begin laying soon. I also included a few pictures of the flowers and garden as they have progressed.
New food storage

New food storage

Flowers really took off

Flowers really took off

Had our first tomato today, 2 zucchinis coming

Had our first tomato today, 2 zucchinis coming


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